Welham Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KOSNIC LIGHTING www.kosnic.com LED T8 & Batten 3 standard warranty Years 5 extended warranty by application Years Interior Batten with Integrated LED Niva Code Watt Lumen CCT Niva Single KBTN20LS4 4ft 20W 2600lm 4000K KBTN30LS4 5ft 30W 3800lm 4000K KBTN50LS4 6ft 70W 5060lm 4000K Niva Twin KBTN30LS3 4ft 30W 3800lm 4000K KBTN50LS3 5ft 50W 6300lm 4000K KBTN70LS3 6ft 70W 8800lm 4000K Thin Profile Interior Batten with Integrated LED Arno Code Watt Lumen CCT Arno Single Output KBTN18LS5 4ft 18W 1900lm 4000K KBTN36LS6 5ft 36W 3960lm 4000K KBTN45LS6 6ft 45W 4950lm 4000K Arno Twin Output KBTN32LS5 4ft 32W 3520lm 4000K KBTN48LS5 5ft 48W 5280lm 4000K KBTN60LS5 6ft 60W 6600lm 4000K Lena Interior Batten with Integrated LED Code Watt Lumen CCT KBTNLS30LS1 4ft 30W 3300 / 3600lm Switchable KBTNLS48LS1 5ft 48W 5280 / 5760lm Switchable KBTNLS65LS1 6ft 65W 7150 / 7800lm Switchable LED T8 Code Watt Lumen CCT Glass Tube KPRO08T8-FRO 2ft 8W 1050lm 4000 / 6500K KPRO17T8-FRO 4ft 17W 2200lm 4000 / 6500K KPRO25T8-FRO 5ft 25W 3250lm 4000 / 6500K KPRO30T8-FRO 6ft 30W 3900lm 4000 / 6500K Polycarbonate Tube KHV10T8-FRO 2ft 10W 950 / 1000lm 4000 / 6500K KHV20T8-FRO 4ft 20W 2020 / 2120lm 4000 / 6500K KHV25T8-FRO 5ft 25W 2400 / 2500lm 4000 / 6500K KTC35T8-FRO 6ft 35W 3200 / 3300lm 4000 / 6500K Indus Anti-Corrosive Batten (for LED T8) Code KBTNT8LS654F1 4ft Single KBTNT8LS654F2 4ft Twin KBTNT8LS655F1 5ft Single KBTNT8LS655F2 5ft Twin KBTNT8LS656F1 6ft Single KBTNT8LS656F2 6ft Twin Emergency Option add suffix /E Avon II Non-corrosive Batten with Integrated LED Code Watt Lumen CCT Avon II Single KENCB20S4F 4ft 20W 2400lm 4000k KENCB20S4F/S 4ft 20W 2400lm 4000k KENCB30S5F 5ft 30W 3840lm 4000k KENCB30S5F/S 5ft 30W 3840lm 4000k Avon II Twin KENCB30T4F 4ft 30W 3840lm 4000k KENCB30T4F/S 4ft 30W 3840lm 4000k KENCB50T5F 5ft 50W 6630lm 4000k KENCB50T5F/S 5ft 50W 6630lm 4000k /S - Built in motion sensor