Welham Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KOSNIC LIGHTING www.kosnic.com High / Low Bay & Floodlight 3 standard warranty (Rhine) Years 7 extended warranty by application Years 5 standard warranty Years Code Watt Lumen CCT KFLDHS10Q365 10W 900lm 6500K KFLDHS20Q365 20W 1800lm 6500K KFLDHS30Q365 30W 3000lm 6500K KFLDHS50Q365 50W 4500lm 6500K Della-Pro PIR Option Available Code Watt Lumen CCT with PIR option KFLDHS10Q65 10W 730 / 750lm 3000 / 6500K KFLDHS20Q65 20W 1700 / 1900lm 3000 / 6500K KFLDHS30Q65 30W 2700 / 2800lm 3000 / 6500K KFLDHS50Q65 50W 4500lm 6500k no PIR option KFLDHS80Q65 80W 8000lm 6500K KFLDHS100Q65 100W 9000lm 6500K KFLDHS200Q65 200W 20000lm 6500K Led Floodlight With Optional PIR Sensor Code Watt Lumen CCT KFLDHS10Q465 10W 900lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS20Q465 20W 1500lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS30Q465 30W 2250lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS50Q465 50W 4000lm 4000 / 6500K Premium LED Floodlight Della Rhine with PIR Sensor KFLDHS10Q465/S 10W 750lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS20Q465/S 20W 1500lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS30Q465/S 30W 2250lm 4000 / 6500K KFLDHS50Q465/S 50W 4000lm 4000 / 6500K Nimbus-DOB High Bay with DOB Technology Code Watt Lumen CCT KHBHS130CH65 130W 14600lm 5000K KPT-REF-UFO Aluminium Reflector Nimbus II Disk Shaped Dimmable LED Circular High Bay Code Watt Lumen CCT KHBN150C1/DV 150W 21000lm 5000k KHBN200C1/DV 200W 28000lm 5000k KHBN240C1/DV 240W 33600lm 5000k KPT-KHBNC1-MWS Motion Sensor KPT-KHBNC1-B1 Small bracket KPT-KHBNC1-B2 Large bracket Echo LED Circular High Bay with PC Reflector Code Watt Lumen CCT KMHD100CHB 100W 12200lm 5000k KHBE150C1 150W 18500lm 5000k KHBE200C1 200W 26000lm 5000k KPT-PCR-UFO Polycarbonate bell-shaped reflector Rectangular LED Low Bay / High Bay Arcus Code Watt Lumen CCT Arcus Low Bay KMSD150LLBE 150W 15000lm 6500K Arcus High Bay KMSD200LHBE 200W 21000lm 6500K